What is your hourly rate?

Our hourly rate is $89.50/hr. however most jobs have a preset price regardless of the time involved. This excludes extracting bolts and helicoil installation.

Do you perform fiberglass repair?

No. However we do have several reputable, local fiberglass repair facilities we do recommend upon request.

Do you pump out/replace fuel tanks?

No.free spins no deposit uk Recommendations are available upon request.

What is the shop supply fee I see on my bill?

That is for grease, tie straps, degreaser, paper towels, and other miscellaneous items used on every job that would otherwise go unaccounted for.

Am I going to get a huge bill without an estimate?

No. We make it a habit to check out the engines/vessels before we begin to make sure they are worthy of doing repairs to then we advise the customer of what we see and the applicable repairs that need to be made. The customer will get a call with an estimate and it will be his/her decision what repairs are to be made. All jobs are estimated unless the customer relays otherwise and done so to the best of our ability however the estimate process is not perfect simply an estimation of what we see at that given time, it is not a final invoice. Any further repairs to be made aside from those discussed with the customer will result in another call to the customer and another estimation of the necessary repairs.